Europe Day, Mumbai 2018

Performance in the presence of Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan in Mumbai, India

GoneWest - Peace to the World concert, Ieper 2018

Performance with Steven Prengels and Ypriana. WWI remembrance concert, curated by Wim Opbrouck.

State visit 2017

Performance for the Belgian King and Queen at the Belgian Embassy in New Delhi, India

India tour Jan -Feb 2018

Performing in Rajasthan, photoshoots in Jaisalmer, India.

Battery Dance Festival, New York 2017

Performances at the Battery Dance Festival in New York, Bollylicious debut in the USA. 

Dansdate (VTM)

Choreographing and dancing for the VTM programme Dansdate with the celebrity couple

Sean Dhondt and Allison. 

So You Think You Can Dance (VTM)

Choreographing for the VTM programme So You Think You Can Dance. Introducing Bollywood on the Belgian and Dutch television for the first time.

Bombay Express

Pictures from the Bollylicious production Bombay Express.

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